X4 Labs Review

For over a decade, X4 Labs has been providing the best and topnotch quality medically accepted penis enlargement devices. X4 Labs has been dedicated to carrying out research, and have been working really hard to develop and improve the quality of their products and this has made them one of the leading producers of safe and effectual penis extenders in the world.

x4-labs-logoIn this X4 Labs review you’ll learn if their penis pumps match the high quality of the penis stretching devices they offer.

Without using penis enlargement supplements, is it possible to increase your penis size, maintain the perfect curve for your penis and still improve your erection with these simple vacuum devices?

In Review: Let see what X4 Labs has to offer:

X4 Labs have made these penile pumps easy to use by making them air-assisted. This way, you can use the pumps anywhere, even while you are in bed.

Unlike the water-assisted pumps which you can only use when you want to take a bath, you can use the air-assisted penile pumps while you are in the bathroom or toilet. Aside this, it is also far less expensive than the water-assisted pumps. This explains why most men would rather go for the air-assisted penile pumps instead of the water-assisted one.

There are 3 types of air-assisted penile pumps in the market today for you to choose from.

X4 Labs offers all of these three pumps and have made sure that they maintain the high standard and quality that they are known for. All penis pumps in this review also come with warranty.

As evident from the thousands of customers they have all around the world, X4 Labs has maintain its position as one of the leading producers of air-assisted penis pumps. This shows that they are good at what they do, which is using doctor approved and lab tested materials to manufacture the best air-assisted pumps you can find in the market.

X4 Labs Penis Pumps Review

You are provided with the option of going for The Squeeze Ball, Handgrip or Electric Penis Pump.
All three pumps provide optimum results.

Squeeze-BallThe Squeeze Ball – This is a great choice if you are looking for an easy to use pump that will still perform its function effectively and produce results immediately.

It is the most widely used penile pump. It shares some similarities with the rubber ball that is used to pump up blood pressure. This rubber ball is connected to an air valve, which is then connected to the tubes. Vacuum can be created by compressing the ball to get rid of air from the tubes, while the air valves are closed. The suction effect depends on how hard you squeeze the ball. Pressure can only be released when the air valve is opened.

For first time users, this is the perfect pump and it is less expensive compared to other one. The negative side is that you have limited control over the suction you are creating, so it is likely for you to create too much suction power which might lead to injury while you are pumping your penis.

x4-labs-air-pump-with-gaugeThe Handgrip Penis Pump is a little bit more complex than the Squeeze Ball but it’s more efficient and comfortable and produce improved results. However, it is less complicated compared to the electric pumps.

Most people prefer the Handgrip penis pump to other types of pump. Although, it works using the same mechanism as the squeeze ball penis pumps, pressure is regulated effectively using the handgrip pump and it is also easy to handle.

As stated earlier in this X4 Labs penis pumps review, the ability to be able to regulate the pressure of the Handgrip devices make them better than other pumps. When going for a handgrip penis pump, it is ideal to go for one that is fitted with a pressure control gauge to keep the pressure at a normal level which is enough to produce the required results.

x4-labs-electric-penis-pumpThe Electric Penis Pump is used for more advanced results. This particular type of pump has some settings installed to ensure that suction is fully regulated. This setting makes it possible to increase your penis size and improve your erection by giving you hands-free pumping exercises, these exercises will help you improve your sexual stamina.

In addition, the electric pump produces a vibration can help you get erections when extra stimulation is necessary.

This electric penis pump has proven to help so many men improve their sexual life.

What else should I consider when buying a penile pump?

X4 Labs have made it very easy that you can use the penile pumps in the comfort of your sitting room, even in the bathroom while taking a shower or even discretely in your bedroom. The hand-grip penile pump is usually the ideal pump if you are looking to enlarge your penis and perk up your erection simultaneously.

Another factor to put into consideration when buying a penile pump is the material used. Ensure that the material used is medical grade and lab tested. That’s while it is advisable to go for X4 Labs pumps, it is easy to use and long-lasting.

Best 5 Penis Pumps offered by X4 Labs:

base-modelX4 Labs Base It is less expensive and less complex than others. Although, it offers moderate results as it is a base model.

x4-gaugeX4 Labs Gauge Although it shares some similarities with the Base model, this one is fitted with a pressure control gauge; this allows you to regulate the pressure. It has been made simple and less complicated by adding the finger grip design which gives room for one-hand operation. It is your best pick if you are looking for something that is not complex and that is equally cheap.

x4-labs-pistol-gripThe Pistol-Grip penile pump allows you to have optimum control over the pressure and it is also very safe as it has a safety trigger that can be triggered using one hand. It is also fitted with a gauge to regulate the suction power generated; this allows you to experience better results. The safety and strength of this pump has made it the best in penis enlargement technology.

x4-labs-3-in-1Electric Penis Pump: This device is a 3-in-1 electric penis pump which is fitted with powerful suction, vibration settings and stroking mode. Aside the fact that the vibrations created by this device provide stimulations that helps to improve your erections; this pump can also help improve your sexual stamina. The electric penile pump is basically a comprehensive unit that helps with more than just the penis enlargement but also help to build one’s sexual life.

x4-exercise-penis-pumpPersonal Exercise Pump: There are certain exercises that are recommended if you are working on improving your erection, increase your penis size, avoid erectile dysfunction and maintain normal erection hardness; this penile pump helps to make all these things possible. Aside all these, it also helps increases your sexual libido.

Although, there might be some similarities between the functions of the pumps listed above in our X4 Labs review and the functions of the other ones you can find online; their designs and mechanisms are different. For instance, a particular pump may look like the other, but technically, one is bigger than the other. Their measurements will vary. The WorxAccu-Meter Power Pump is fitted with a cock ring which can also be called the erection enhancement ring; the function of this ring is to help avoid premature ejaculation and also improve your erections, it also come with an additional function of providing lubrication and a solution for cleaning up.

So which X4 Labs penile pump should I buy?

x4-labs-air-pump-with-gaugeChoosing a penile pump is usually a personal thing. As a starter, your best option will be the hand squeeze pump as it is the least complicated of all X4 pumps. If you are opting for something a little more stylish, you can go for the Hand-grip pump. All the pumps are multipurpose, long-lasting and very efficient in getting rid of erection problems and at the same time help with penis enlargement.

More experienced users can go for the X4 electric which is recommended for those that are looking for a more advanced device. However, they are a little more expensive compared to the Handgrip pumps.

Lastly, there is need for you to be pragmatic and sensible when using the pumps. You need to be very patient when using these devices. Changing your penis size from its natural size might take time. However, you can be certain that with consistent pumping, you will notice changes within a few months.

X4 Labs have made sure these devices are made readily available to anybody that might need them. They offer long-lasting penile pumps made from very high quality materials and doctor approved, they also come with warranty. To get optimum results, you can also combine these pumps with penis stretching devices.

Do you have questions after reading our X4 Labs penis pumps review?

Feel free to contact X4 Labs customer service, their awesome customer support will be happy to listen to your questions and give you the required answers. It is better and advisable to talk about your sexual problems than live continue to live with them all your life.

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