7 Mistakes That Won’t Help You With Penis Gain

Don’t feel ashamed if you want to add a few extra inches to your dick.

Honestly, who wouldn’t opt for a bigger penis if they could?

All that enhance sexual pleasure and can also make you feel more confident around both women and men is welcome.

The world of male enhancement is a confusing place, though. In this article, hopefully we can save you some time and money by telling you what mistakes to avoid. You want results, right?

There are tons of techniques out there, but only some of them work—and only a few will give you the results that you’re really looking for.

Here are some of the really common mistakes in sexual enhancement:

  1. Using Supplements Wrong.

Indeed, there are some libido supplements that can help with stuff like low sex drive, weak erections, and sometimes even low sperm volume

but there is no pill or supplement on the market that can increase your penis size. Period.

If you find a supplement on some shady website that claims to enlarge your penis, you can be sure that it’s just a waste of money.

On a related note, if you’re a gym rat and are ever tempted to take “supplements” like synthetic testosterone, keep in mind that it can be bad for your sexual health.

Many steroids that muscle-heads take have synthetic hormones, which means that your testicles will often stop producing their own testosterone.

Not only can this shrink your testicles, but when you stop taking the steroid, often you will go through a period of time where your erections will be weak because your testosterone will be artificially low (until your testicles begin to produce it again).

This is definitely something to keep in mind.

  1. Using a Homemade DIY Penis Enlarger or Pump
  • Did you look at the vacuum cleaner in your closet?
  • Are you tempted to make a DIY penis pump?

Don’t do it!

Homemade devices are not nearly as safe as tested, professionally made, medical-grade penis pumps or extenders.

Keep your important organs safe and don’t take the risk to save a few bucks!

Besides, usually homemade systems won’t work that well, anyway.

  1. Letting Stress Run Your Life

You’ve probably heard it before, but stress is a sex killer.

Not only that, but it can slowly erode other parts of your life as well. In a lot of ways, the loss of your sexual potency or sex drive is just one superficial symptom of stress.

Trying to enlarge your penis when your stress levels are out of control might give you mixed results. Address the stress first. See if you can find the root of it.

Sometimes if you’re having erectile issues and you don’t know where they’re coming from, the culprit is subconscious stress that you may not even be aware of.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you hate your job?
  • Is your relationship difficult to maintain?
  • Is your family getting you down?
  • Is there anything in your life that makes you feel helpless?

If you are always stressed, make some major changes to your life, and your sex life is also bound to improve. Besides, living in constant stress is extremely dangerous—it can actually kill you in the long run though heart disease and other chronic issues.

  1. Masturbating Too Much

Some masturbation is good. It’s normal for us to have to release some sperm every once in awhile, since your body naturally wants to cycle through the old sperm and replace it.

However, too much masturbation is not good at all.

Anything that you overdo is of course not good for you.

When you squeeze your dick too much, you can physically hurt it, and it can also get bent or curved. In extreme cases, you can even start to lose sensitivity.

Besides all of the physical stuff, masturbating too much can also take a psychological toll.

You might lose interest in real sex.

You might become desensitized to real women, especially if you look at porn while you yank your dick. This can make your erections weaker when it’s time to have real sex.

  1. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is a nervous system depressant. This means that it makes your nerves react slower and it can dull sensation. Have you ever tried to get a decent erection while drunk?

Alcohol is also not your friend in bed. If you want to improve your sexual perfomance, then your body needs to be healthy, and this means that alcohol is not your friend.

Reduce your intake if you can.

  1. Allowing Yourself to Have Poor Health Habits

If your overall health is bad, then your sexual health will probably also be pretty bad.

Even if you are able to have rock-hard erections every time, you won’t be able to do much with it if you’re not in good health, right?

If you don’t take care of your body and live a lazy lifestyle, don’t expect to see your penis grow.

Get into shape first.

Start with a healthy diet, get into a regular exercise routine, and stop letting negative thinking patterns cause you stress.

  1. Watching Porn

What is porn, except for imaginary women designed to give you instant gratification? When you jerk off to an image on a screen, what do you think that does to your motivation and confidence?

In the back of your mind, you know that these women (and men) are not having sex for pleasure.

They’re doing it for money. The scenarios in porn are artificial and won’t give you lasting satisfaction. All it will do is momentarily distract you from your goal, which is to live a better life.

Having a healthy dick is not a magic button that will make girls beg to jump into bed with you.

You need to level up your sex life—and your life overall—in other ways, too. You can’t do that if you’re addicted to looking at fake women moaning and writhing on your computer screen.

To be able to become an expert at satisfying real women, you can’t waste your erections on something fake. And there’s definitely more to satisfying a woman than just having a bigger penis.

Still reading?

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