About Us

No one likes to talk about erection problems or penis enlargement. It can be a sensitive subject for even the most confident men. That is why we created this website, to enable men to find information about penis enlargement. We’ve tried it all, and can tell you with impunity what works and what doesn’t.

Who are we?

This site was created by two friends who got tired of struggling to find reliable information.

Jack – Pleased to meet you, my name is Jack.

I started looking for information on penis enlargement and enhancement techniques as a way to improve my relationship with my love.

I’ve found some fantastic products that have done wonders for our sex life, and I’ve found others that left me wondering if I needed to take a trip to the ER.

Hopefully you can use my experiences both positive and negative to help you find the perfect product or products to meet your needs. I would not wish my negative experiences on anyone, so if my misfortunes can help you to avoid them, then they haven’t all been in vain.

Will – Hi there, my name is Will. I’ll be 32 this year, and am happily married. I started looking into penile enhancement techniques to improve my overall dating potential. I will say, with reservation, that I was in possession of a penis that was slightly below average, which caused damage to some of my relationships. It didn’t help that when I turned 30, I was hit by low sex drive. It’s a silly thing to be vain over, I know, but my confidence was badly shaken.

I have tried nearly every product on the market that claims to improve my sexual performance but to be quite honest, most of them didn’t work and each failure was another blow to my already damaged confidence. Thankfully, after months of trial and error, I have found a combination of products that does work and I am more than happy to share my experiences with you in the hopes that they can help you to find your own success.

Our mission

we-are-happyWithin our site, you will find comprehensive product information based on the experiences of one or both of us, information on medications and supplements that do work, and posts detailing our own personal journeys. We may also in the future offer a forum where people can discuss their own erection problems and the steps that they have taken to solve them.

Erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement is a subject that most people shy away from even at the best of times. TV viewers change the channel when a commercial for Cialis or Viagra comes on because the idea of not being able to obtain an erection is not something that any of them like to think of.

Hopefully you can find the answers you are looking for here. If you have any questions, or you have an idea for a topic that should be addressed, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to hear from our readers.