Are You Tired of a Poor Sexual Performance?

Let’s just be honest with each other for a moment.

Many guys like to think that they are sex gods, but the reality is that they are more of a sex dud. Instead of having a good stamina, they’re busy counting the seconds that they can last.

Instead of providing hours of pleasure, they’re lucky to make it past the first few thrusts.


  • It’s time to stop pretending.
  • It’s time to stop living in a fantasy world.

It’s time to fix the problem once and for all so that instead of having to pretend that a poor sexual performance is a great one, you can always have fantastic sex!

Are you ready to discover how to make that happen?

Why Do Guys Blow Their Loads So Fast?

Men are aroused by visual stimuli. Although women are as well to some extent, for guys it is off the charts!

That’s why a brief sex scene in a movie that’s seen at the cinema can leave a guy with a raging boner for 45 minutes afterward.

Visuals for men aren’t just limited to what they actually see. It can also be what their mind expects to see that leads to arousal as well. Just thinking about sex, visualizing it in the mind graphically, is enough for an erection to start. It’s a natural part of the process of being a man, but it also means that once penetration is actually achieved, all of that anticipation comes flooding through your body.

Even if you’re having sex every day or even multiple times per day on a consistent basis, coming early can be a problem because the mind has overstimulated the body. In order to fix this problem, you’ve got to work on creating less sensitivity to the nerve clusters around your penis so that you aren’t wanting to orgasm immediately once you get naked.

How Easy Is It To Hold Off Ejaculating?

Under most circumstances, it isn’t easy at all.

Guys must mentally focus on not having an orgasm at the precise moment they wish to have one. Working on your kegel exercises and other methods of strengthening the muscles that control the orgasm are a great start and should be practiced starting today if you aren’t already.

happy-togetherAnother way to train yourself to last longer is through the use of the start-stop technique or what is called denied orgasm. Try to masturbate to the point of next to no return and then stop and hold. Calm down and wait for a while but don’t let your erection go. When you feel you are in control start again. Do this 3 times in a row before you cum. Practice makes perfect.

What about pemis pumps?

They work to bring more blood into the chambers of your penis so that you have more control. It will also work to expand the tissues of your dick so that you have the ability to penetrate more deeply without having the friction of the sliding motion causing you to want to go early.

You could keep pretending that your sex is awesome… or you could take these simple steps to make sure that sex is awesome! You can become a sex god that isn’t part of your fantasy world with just a little work. Use these ideas to improve your sex life and you can get naked with pride the next time you’re about to get laid!