Best Electric Penis Pumps for Fast Size Gain (25%)

A lot of you out there might have heard of electric penis pumps as a good method of increasing penis size and erection quality.

Although size doesn’t always correlate with ability to pleasure a partner, not being able to get it up for long enough can really take the fun out of sex.

It’s no wonder that so many men are seeking out products like electric penis pumps to boost their erection hardness and stamina all in one fell swoop, giving them stronger orgasms, better sex, and more sexual satisfaction.

Wait a minute, you might be saying.

Something like this just sounds too good to be true.

Shouldn’t this product be just as shady as all the miracle pills that porn sites advertise in the sidebars?

In fact, (electric) penis pumps are proven to be effective.

Experts say that using a pump is not only effective when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, but can also heal atrophied penile tissue caused by long periods of time without a spontaneous erection.

Other sources have found that they can help increase penis length after surgery, in addition to improving the overall quality of erections.

Good penis pumps work, and have helped some people find that spark in the bedroom that they’ve been missing due to age or health issues.

Why Use an Electric Penis Pump?

Electric penis pumps aren’t the only type of penis pump out there in the market.

Another extremely effective type of penis pump is the water pump. Just like the electric pumps, they aim to have a suctioning effect on the penis, but are able to do so to an even greater degree with water pressure.

You’re probably scratching your head right now.

Why are we recommending you electric penis pumps if the water penis pumps are even more effective when it comes to improving your erection quality?

There are several reasons that we think you should pick the electric pump over its higher-grade version.

First of all, the most obvious factor: the price tag.

A typical water pump, if you’re actually going for quality, sell for well over $100, while the even fancier ones can sometimes go for over $300.

Electric pumps, on the other hand, are much more affordable, and go for below $100.

But that’s not the only reason to pick an electric version.

With hydro pumps, because of water, you have to use them in the bathroom. Imagine standing there in the bathroom, awkwardly waiting for your pump to work.

With an electric pump, you can use it from the comfort of your bed, or wherever else you want.

  • Electric pumps are cheaper on average and more straightforward to use.
  • You can just hold and activate it with one hand.

There are also even cheaper manual air pumps available, but they’re just not as effective and easy to use.

Plus, with manual pumps it’s easy to over-pump your dick and end up with a doctor visit instead of pleasurable sex session.

Note: At this point it’s essential to keep in mind that although electric penis pumps are really good penile enhancement products, they are still only rated as #2 for fast and ultimate erection enhancement. If you want the best you should pay the price for Bathmate hydro penis pump.

But back to the subject on hand.

Let’s say you can’t afford all a hydro pump, or simply don’t want to dump big cash on a product you’ve never used before. Are you looking for resources on how to buy an electric penis pump?

Fear not—we’ve got you covered.

Below are the top three electric pumps that we’ve selected according to quality, safety, functionality, and reasonable pricing.

Top 3 Electric Penis Pumps of 2019

#1 THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vagina USB Rechargeable Automatic Pump

This pump comes with an awesome deal.

It is made not only to spice up your sex life, but it also comes with interchangeable accessories that are designed for solo pleasure (or perhaps a little interactive fun with your significant other)!

The lifelike vaginal mold makes using this product extremely effective and fun.

Some other benefits include:

  • Increases penis length and girth, and improves your performance…with a bit of pleasure. You can swap it out whenever you want if you’re not in the mood for that as well.
  • Made out of superior, medically tried-and-true materials that are safe and non-toxic; no need to worry about what you’re putting on your skin.
  • All parts are very easy to assemble and clean, so hygiene is never an issue.
  • The device is fully automatic and super easy to use: simply slide your penis into the cylinder and push the button. Then you can sit back and let the motor do its job. It’ll create immediate suction that will see your penis grow big and get hard with hardly any effort on your part.
  • Safety release valve allows you to release all pressure with nothing more than the push of button—easy one-hand operation for when you’re busy with the other.
  • Alternate speeds: slow, medium, and high. We recommend you start slow and progress as your penis grows accustomed to the suction.
  • The scale on the transparent cylinder allows you to monitor your penis growth, allowing you to see the real progress that you’re making in terms of size gains. It’s a sense of accomplishment that other pumps might not provide.
  • It’s a good fit for men of all sizes.

Rated #1 The THRUST Pro Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump is truly a safe, effective choice, and one of the best electric vacuum male enhancement products out there on the market.

Its unique designs makes it functional and comfortable, and the suction is nothing to sneeze at—no leaks for sure! It’s a product that does its job to give you stronger, bigger erections along with enhanced stamina and more intense orgasms so you’re getting your money’s full worth.

Finally, this product is available at LoveHoney – one of the biggest online sex shops in the USA and UK.

Their supportive, friendly (and sex-friendly) staff is always ready to address your questions and concerns, and they’re famous for offering only the highest quality products with a money back guarantee.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this specific product, visit the LoveHoney for descriptions, real customer reviews, and more.

Cons: Although it is super effective, this is a slightly expensive product. You get what you pay for, after all.

#2 Electric Men’s High-Vacuum Penis Pump Air Pressure Setting Device With 2 Extra Sleeves, USB Rechargeable, Increase the Size and Strength

The first thing you might notice when looking at this product is that it’s much cheaper than the one rated #1.

Yep, this one also absolutely safe to use and fairly comfortable.

(Buyers beware: there are cheaper out there, but most of them won’t work, won’t be safe, or just won’t be comfortable.)

Additional benefits include:

  • Removable pump head: this means that you can keep the electrical components dry and safe from being damaged by water.
  • The sleeves and penile tube can be cleaned with a simple mixture of soap and water. If you want to more thoroughly clean out the penile tube, you can use a soft brush to do so.
  • The whole cleaning process is easy and requires nothing more than cheap household items, although do take care to always wash this product by hand and never in a dishwasher.
  • Comes with three sleeves: more options for sizing for a variety of customers.

The Electric Men’s High-Vacuum Penis Pump Air Pressure Setting Device is a top rated product on Amazon.

Those of you who take the time to look through the link above will also see that it also has great reviews.

One of the customers also took the time to record a video demonstrating how strong the suction power is, and how flexible each of the three sleeves are. With firepower like that, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the results you want. All specific information concerning the product, including pricing, real customer reviews, and more, can be found at Amazon.

A note to would-be buyers: Although this electric penis pump is good and effective at doing what it’s supposed to do, it’s admittedly not the best of the best.

The top-rated pumps above and below are both far more comfortable and has more suction power compared to this model, meaning that the treatment will be more effective if you decide to invest in that one.

That being said, this model is still a good, safe choice for anyone who isn’t willing to break the bank for a penis pump, or perhaps wants to try out a slightly weaker option before moving on to the best performers.

#3 EVO 3.0 Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump

EVO is a reliable, reputable company that has been around for years.

They’ve serviced thousands of satisfied customers, and that satisfaction should serve as sufficient testimonial for anyone who’s on the fence about the quality of their products.

EVO 3.0 is hands down a great electric pump.

If it’s so great, then why is it so low on this top three list?


When ranking these products, we take into consideration all factors, including effectiveness, safety, and (last but not least) price.

EVO 3.0 may be great, but you have to be willing to spend almost $200 to experience it firsthand. $200 is a lot of money, regardless of whether you’re talking about a manual or electric pump.

In comparison, you can purchase the Hydromax water pump for cheaper, despite their higher average prices.

(For the record, if we had to choose between this pump and the Hydromax water pump, the water pump would edge ahead slightly in terms of pricing.)

Overall, it’s still a solid product that we think belongs within our 2018 top three electric penis pump list.

As long as you are ready to pay the price and are committed to electric pumps over water pumps, by all means go for it.

We only rated it at #3 because:

  • price is too high compared to other similar products
  • this product has a limited money back guarantee, which only promises your money back if you return it unused and unopened.

(For the most current information on the shipping-and-returns policy, we point you to the link above, since our review is based only on the information that we have at this time this review was written.)

If you’re interested in learning more about or ordering the EVO 3.0, then please do visit the official website.

How to use an electric penis pump for the best results

It is super easy and everybody can do it at home.

Just place the cylinder portion of the pump around the penis. The electric motor is in charge of creating a vacuum, forcing blood into the penis and pulling it closer to the walls of the cylinder. This force makes the penis larger, strengthening erections in the process.

Take things slow. Don’t increase the pressure too rapidly; doing so may result in pain and potentially bruising. If you begin to sense pain, release some of the pressure.

Do not increase the pressure on a penis pump beyond a level that you can endure comfortably.

If you do get bruised, don’t worry. It generally goes away within a day or so.

As mentioned above, electric pumps are not just for penile enlargement, but can also be helpful to men who suffer from low to moderate erectile dysfunction. By using the pump, you’ll be able to pop a boner that can be maintained with a cock ring.  Whether you want to use it to improve your sex life or just prevent your penile tissues from atrophying, the electric penis pump can help you out.

Always read the user manual first and use the product as directed.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is if you do it right.

As mentioned above, too much pressure might be harmful. But as long as you adjust the suction pressure according to your own comfort levels, there’s no risk to using an electric pump.

Once again, immediately release the vacuum if you feel any sort of discomfort or pain while using a pump. The process should be pleasurable; if it’s not, then stop. Give your penis a massage and let it rest for a while, and you should be good to go.

What you should expect from using an electric penis pump?

There is nothing that can hurt men’s confidence more than weak erections or low sexual stamina in the bedroom, ending in nothing but awkwardness for both of you and your partner.

Electric penis pumps can change all this for good.

You can expect a better sex life.

A reliable electric pump should give you bigger, longer, and better erections, alongside stronger orgasms. You’ll be able to maintain an erection for longer, and realize those steamy, drawn-out lovemaking sessions with your partner that might have been nothing more than a dream before now.

Not only that, but electric penis pumps can increase penis size and improve penile health and erections.

The good erections that electric penis pumps can provide you might just be the difference between a dead bedroom and rekindled passion with your lover, in addition to a healthier penis all around. They are scientifically proven to work, and might just be the key to turning your sex life from good to great.