DIY Penis Pumps: Please Don’t Put Your Dick in These

Do you want to put some of your most sensitive organs—your penis and balls—in danger of extreme discomfort or even permanent injury?

Great, then maybe you can try out a homemade penis pump!

Otherwise, if you actually care about the health of your genitals, it’s a good idea to keep your penis far, far away from DIY pumps.

In case it wasn’t already obvious why you shouldn’t do this, we’ll explain in a bit more detail how DIY pumps can be built and how they can damage your family jewels.

How Do You Make a Homemade DIY Penis Pump?

There are various methods, but the main thing that you need is a chamber to put your penis into, some way to seal it flush against your body, and some way to suck the air out.

In some versions of these home projects, people use empty sports drinks drink bottles as the vacuum chamber, a neoprene material with a hole in it as the sealed “entrance” for your penis, and a vacuum cleaner hose to suck the air out.

In other, more simple DIY versions, people directly attach some sort of suction device to their dongs. For example, some people try to use plungers, or really unlucky guys with very small micro-penises might try using turkey basters that they cut in half.

The Dangers of Homemade and DIY Penis Pumps

Needless to say, if you’re using a vacuum cleaner to try to enlarge your penis, you could gravely injure yourself. Because you have no control over the level of negative pressure and you have no way to predict what will happen, you could harm the blood vessels in your penis.

In addition, the home-made plastic vacuum chamber will tend to be flimsy.

It could collapse under the negative pressure of the vacuum with your penis still inside of it, and you could cut up your penis!

Even if you use something like a plunger, you still have no emergency valve to undo the vacuum pressure in a hurry. You could bruise your penis—or worse.

What to Do Instead

If you want to use a penis pump, choose one that’s first of all safe, and second – comfortable.

If you want good results without injuring you, you need something professionally made. Penis pumps are medical devices, and so it’s best to trust a reputable company over an empty Gatorade bottle, some duct tape, and a vacuum cleaner hose.

That being said, not all safe and comfortable pumps work well for penis enlargement.

The main thing that a pump needs to be effective is to be able to hold a steady vacuum.

The suction power has to be constant, and this is achieved by having a good seal and a good fit against your body. If you lose suction and have to keep pumping to regain it, this is less effective.

Why Are Homemade Pumps Ineffective?

Besides the fact that you shouldn’t use them because they are dangerous, there are also other reasons why homemade pumps just don’t work as well as professionally-made ones.

They won’t be very effective at enlarging your penis because:

  • You need a good seal. It’s hard to get a good seal with a homemade pump made from random materials that you have around your house. As explained above, having a good seal is what allows you to really stretch the tissues of your penis effectively. Also, a good seal is comfortable and will keep the edge of the chamber from cutting into your skin, so it will help prevent injuries.
  • The most effective kinds of pumps for penis enlargement are water pumps. While air pumps are somewhat easy to make at home, it’s a little harder to figure out how to make an effective water pump using homemade supplies.
  • If you use certain methods—like for example, a plunger—you won’t be able to see your penis in action.

It’s important to be able to observe your penis while you stretch it, both for safety reasons and also to keep track of the size as it grows.

If you ever do decide to use a plunger as a pump, though, make sure to store it somewhere hidden. You don’t want someone to accidentally use your “pump” to unclog the crap from their toilet!

  • You want the vacuum chamber to be hard—not soft rubber, like a plunger, or soft plastic like an empty sports drink bottle. This is part of the reason why the Bathmate is so effective. It is stable and creates a great seal.

So, if it wasn’t already obvious, don’t put your dick in a homemade penis pump!

Real, medical-grade pumps are really not that expensive.

Besides, this is the health of your penis! Is that really worth the small chunk of money that you’ll save from sticking your dick in vacuum cleaner? The truth is that if you can afford a vacuum cleaner, you can probably afford a decent, professional penis pump!