Hydromax Review – Can You Gain Size FAST?

Plenty of men out there want to increase penis size and the quality of their erections.

But no matter how many shady “grow ten inches immediately!” advertisements you fall for, none of them are scientifically proven to get you results you’re looking for quickly.

Hydro penis pumps, on the other hand, are.

There are a lot of penis pumps out there, with varying types and capabilities.

But if you’re really hunting for quality and are more than a little bit flexible, we really have to recommend the Hydromax. Order Now

Let’s break it down here.

Why Hydromax?

  • Quality.
  • Effectiveness.
  • You get a bigger penis.

It’s that simple.

Hydromax penis pumps are tried and true male enhancement products, made from skin-safe, highly selected phthalate-free medical grade materials.

They’re tested by world-renowned specialists at the Aspen Clinic, and are not only safe, but proven to be effective.

If you want something that really works, and is worth every penny you pay for it, go for a Hydromax pump.

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Hydromax X20, X30 or X40: What size is right for you?

When it comes to maximizing the comfort and effectiveness of your penis pumping sessions, one of the most important factors is selecting the proper cylinder size.

The cylinder you select should be BIG enough to allow for significant expansion (because trust us, with a Hydromax pump there will most definitely be an expansion),

but not so large that your testicles would also be sucked into the pump by the strength of the vacuum, which can be not good.

Thankfully, these pumps come with easy on-off buttons so that the possibility of something going wrong is basically nil.

The difference between the different models—aka X20, X30, and X40 — is only the size of the cylinder.

Don’t shoot for the stars; be practical when selecting for length, and pick a cylinder that is between 2-3 inches larger than your current erect length. Size Guide.

If for whatever reason you aren’t sure which one is the right choice, you should pick the bigger pump.

If you’re average in size, we recommend the Hydromax X30 as it works best for 87% of men.

Going for the smaller (and cheaper) ones mean that you run a bigger risk of not getting the full benefits of penis pumping.

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The Hydromax X-Series Review, Key Benefits, and New Features:

Let’s start out with some tips for the average man out there.

Hydromax X30 is the best fit for anyone with an average penis size, and comes with everything you’d need for not just effective, but also comfortable penis pumping sessions.

Its strong suction power guarantees good, safe results.

Hydromax X30 comes with a comfort pad, as opposed to the original Bathmate Hydro7 penis pumps that were cheaper but had less pumping power and is not so convenient to use.

If you’re aiming for real penis enhancement, then there’s no reason to go cheap on a Hydro7.


it is important for all Hydromax users to understand the importance of the comfort pad. Most other products don’t have these, and it’s part of what makes Hydromax products so much better.

The importance of the comfort pad:

So many men tend to neglect the importance of comfort, always thinking that they can tough out a 5-10 minute session even if it is unpleasant.

But the comfort pad is much more than a cushy accessory.

It has a couple of important functions, such as:

  • Protecting you when you increase the vacuum.

With a comfort pad, you’ll be able to achieve not just more comfort, but also a tighter seal for maximum suction.

This means you can put less effort into pumping, while also maintaining a minimum loss of suction. More suction power means better results.

  • Faster penis enlargement – effectiveness, comfort and safety come hand-in-hand; while the soft-touch outer edge will feel great against your body, the rigid inner tube can provide you with a strong, sturdy shield around your penis, protecting it from the inside of the bellows.

Aside from the indispensable comfort pad, another important feature that will significantly improve your usage experience is the brand new superflow latch valve.

This nifty device controls the flow of water out of the device.

The new latch (or switch) lets you close it easily to prevent the water from escaping when filling, all of which means a more efficient, effective pumping experience for you.

In addition, this seemingly small addition allows you to fill your device with only one hand, leaving the other hand free to sort things out or ready your accessories for a more convenient pumping session.

The new valve also helps you hold pressure for longer, and ensures that you won’t over-pump, which can prove to be dangerous for your penis.

In this way, it’s also a safety mechanism whose importance should not be underestimated.

Hydromax X30 vs. HudroXtreme – what is better?

Some of the most effective Hydromax pumps fall under Hydromax’s X series, which are new and improved, 35% more powerful than their previous products.

In addition, the new hydro pumps are also designed for maximum safety and comfort, increasing your ease of usage.

These include the X20, X30, and X40.

What bout the HydroXtreme series?

Although the X series is already extremely high quality, the Xtreme series is truly the pinnacle of pleasure, comfort, and effectiveness.

It comes with a completely redesigned valve and detachable handball for maximum efficiency, as well as a plethora of additional accessories—anything you can think of (and probably some that you can’t) are included alongside an Xtreme pump.

HydroXtreme series is for men who aim for best of the best.

Hint: HydroXtreme 7 is what I use and recommend.

HydroXtreme Review – is it really better than the Hydromax X30?

Here’s the in-depth overview of the real difference between the HydroXtreme and the X series that you’ve been looking for.

To cut to the chase, the pump itself is the same pump.

The difference is in the accessories.

Although you can use the HydroXtreme the same way you’d use the X30, the HydroXtreme shines on its own when you combine it with the handball, which can be attached directly to the pump valve, or via a flexible tube.

The handball allow you to easily increase or maintain the pressure level to your own liking for a better user experience.

Aside from the handball, you’ll also receive: a carry case, a measuring gauge, a hose attachment, additional lube, a security lock, a shower strap, and a comfort insert.

None of these are strictly mandatory, but they all serve to enhance your pumping experience.

For example, the comfort insert makes your pumping more comfortable, while the shower strap can help you hang the pump easier while you’re using it in the shower to give you a hands-free pumping experience.

On top of all that,

you also get a nice carry case, complete with a lock, to keep all your accessories and pump in the same place—sealed locked, so that they remain discreet and clean.

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It’s the most effective water pump on the market, specifically designed for men who, despite their size, can still benefit from the positive effects of penis pumping.

For further details on why someone with a larger penis might still need penis pumping to improve their sex lives, see the below section on how penis pumping can help your sexual health.

So HydroXtreme vs. X series — which is better?

There’s no absolute answer to that.

  • The X series is good enough for most men who want quality but don’t want to break the bank; it has everything you need to improve penile health and erection quality.
  • The Xtreme, on the other hand, is for those who want everything penis pumps have to offer—not just the pumps themselves, but all the accessories that will elevate your penis pumping from a ritual to a pleasure, and give you more comfort and better results than you could otherwise hope for. It’s ultimately up to you which one will be better for you.

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So, How do Hydromax Penis Pumps Work and What Results Can You Expect?

Penis pumps create a vacuum that expands the skin and tissue of your penis.

You get a bigger penis and harder erections.

You get a better sex with mind-blowing orgasms.

How does it work?

It’s a natural expansion, very similar in terms of movement to erections.

If you pump regularly and give yourself plenty of recovery time between uses (between 12-36 hours), the tissue of the penis will permanently expand, resulting in a larger penis with stronger erections!

After 15 minutes’ use with a full erection, you’ll be able to see temporary gains of around 1/2 inches in length and 3/4 inches in girth.

Beginners will likely see greater gains like this because the tissue of the penis is naturally very tight.

Initially, these gains will stay for about 18 hours, throughout intercourse and even after you lose your erection. If you do plan to have intercourse, it’s ideal to buy condoms a size larger, because smaller ones could feel too tight around your new erection. It will also result in a temporary increase of your flaccid size.

The male enhancement process is similar to working out. Just like how after lifting weights your muscles will feel bigger and more pumped up but will eventually return to a normal size, your penis will initially swell and then shrink back over time.

But with some time and consistent use, these gains will eventually become more permanent, just as how exercise can make your muscles permanently bigger. More blood will flow to your penis during every erection, resulting ultimately in a harder and firmer erection.

Is penis pumping good for my sexual health?


The vacuum created by the pump will stretch your penis out and expand the penile veins, increasing your blood flow.

This will not only make your orgasms more intense and increase your sexual stamina, allowing you to last longer in bed.

Pumping will also help when it comes to conditions such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, extending sex sessions and making your sex life more fun and dynamic.

While traditional air pumps have proven to pose some risk, the Hydromax pump is a water pump and is very safe.

We’ve done the research, and while a few men have reported minor injuries, most of these seem to have resulted from improper usage, especially over-pumping. If you follow the instructions correctly, you shouldn’t see any side effects from using a Hydromax penis pump.

Alternatives — other water pumps

Hydromax pumps are great, of course.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention other water pump alternatives that you can use.

Unfortunately, it seems that there aren’t many other options in this category.

The only other water penis pump out there on the market is offered by Penomet. We’ve found that it’s neither cheaper nor better, so there’s really no reason to go with it.

In short, we’d recommend that you stick with the best when it comes to enhancing your sexual performance. It’s a process that not only takes time and effort, but can also cause plenty of anxiety for those worried about the quality of certain products.

After all, who wants to put a potentially unsafe object on your penis, right?

Why settle with a mediocre product when you can get something better for the same amount of money, and see real improvement in your size and performance?

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, there are plenty out there built with cheaper materials that are lower quality. Some of them are safe, and are good options if you’re not looking for the highest quality possible.

But if you’re really serious about getting the best penis pump out there, go for Hydromax.

In conclusion – should you try Hydromax?

If you’re reading this Hydromax review, chances are that you’re looking for a way to improve your penis size, your erection quality, or just your sex life as a whole.

There are several options at your disposal right now. You can leave it as it is forever, or you can take a step in the right direction and level up not just your game in the bedroom, but also your penile health as a whole.

If you’ve made it this far, our opinions should be fairly clear.

If you want a safe solution that’s guaranteed to work, give the Hydromax water penis pump a try.

Each session will take you no longer than 10 minutes per day, and you should expect to see the first effects of the pumping immediately.

The more you use your pump (with adequate rest time in between sessions, of course), the better your results will be. It’s that simple and straightforward.

As mentioned previously, there are plenty of benefits you can expect after using the Hydromax penis pump. You should be seeing improved erection quality, increased hardness and stamina, and stronger orgasms.

After some time of usage, you should also be experiencing a permanent increase in penis size as well.

This might all sound amazing, but none of these are really the most important part of the experience.

Better penile health means a better sex life, which will improve your confidence and your mood alike.

In fact, that’s what matters most:

  • If you have a tool that you’re unable to wield correctly, what’s the use in it being big?

Confidence is sexy; in fact, it’s what girls will see first.

By regaining your confidence, you’ll be able to ensure that they’ll stick around long enough to see that your sexual game lives up to your swagger.

This is the best penis pump on the market, and if you want to become better in bed you should give it a try.

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It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from a deal like this, IMHO.