Penis Pumping When You Live With a Girlfriend

When you discover penis pumping and all of its benefits, it’s pretty easy to be discreet about it if you live alone. Most guys don’t want to tell the whole world that they’ve been pumping their dicks every day, after all.

What if you meet a nice girl, though?

Again, if you live separate lives, it’s pretty easy to just toss your pump under the bed or throw it in your closet when she comes over. The problem starts when your relationship moves onto the next level.

What if she decides to live with you?

You can’t hide your pump for long.

Girls like to mark their territory and before long she’s going to know every single crevice of your house.

You can try to keep it a secret for a little bit, but eventually one day….

“What’s this?!”

she’ll ask with a look of disappointment on her face, holding the pump pinched between two fingers because she doesn’t want to touch it.

Girls are not dumb.

If you’re hiding a random penis-shaped machine in your sock drawer, she’s going to assume that it has some kind of sexual purpose. She might even mistake it for a masturbation device and get upset that you’re using that instead of having sex with her! If she’s particularly insecure, she could even start feeling inadequate.

To avoid all of this drama, it’s best to just be honest and upfront. This is especially important if you’re using the pump for sex, since it would be extremely difficult to hide it in that case. (Even if you have sex in the dark, she’s going to ask what all the noise is!)

How to Confess That You Use a Pump

  • How do you tell a girl that you’re using a penis pump, though?
  • How would you even start a conversation like that?
  • Do you say: “Hey, honey, so I use this thing that’s kind of like a bicycle pump, except that in sucks all the air out of a chamber and makes my penis bigger” or something similar?


At the end of the day, a girl probably won’t care much about what you do to your penis unless it affects her. If you want to explain the pump without turning her off, you have to make it all about her and her pleasure.

The most important thing to convey correctly is WHY you use the pump.

Let her know that you use it to improve your sex life. Tell her that you want to perform better, so you’re using a pump to improve your erections and performance when you have sex with her.

You want her to feel more pleasure, so you use the pump.

A lot of girls will actually appreciate the fact that you’re concerned about their pleasure.

Your best approach is to show her that the pump is good for both of you because it will turn the good sex that you’re already having into great sex.

Don’t Act Like It’s a Big Deal

More importantly, don’t over-explain yourself or act nervous. You may find it embarrassing to have to talk about the penis pump, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you treat it like it’s something normal, she’ll probably also think it’s normal and assume that a lot of guys use pumps.

One approach could be to leave the pump out somewhere where she might see it. If she asks about it, then calmly tell her, “Oh, that thing? It’s a penis pump.” You can then briefly explain what it does.

Avoid acting guilty and don’t offer more information than she asks. Just give off the vibe that it’s no big deal and you’ll be fine. In reality, it really isn’t a big deal anyway. You exercise your body to improve physical performance, so why wouldn’t you exercise your penis, too?

If you explain it like that, she’s likely to understand, maybe 🙂