Penis Traction vs. Vacuum Devices

Are you looking to increase the size of your erection? Do you want a penis that is noticeably larger than it is right now? There are two rather effective methods to achieving these goals: penis traction and through the use of vacuum suction devices.

To put it simply, you can either use a penis pump to get stronger, bigger erections or use a penis extender to literally stretch out the tissues so they are bigger.

Which one is the right method for you? Let’s take a look at how these two methods compare.

Want Immediate Results? Then You Need Suction!

penis-pump-resultFor guys that want an instantly larger penis, vacuum devices are likely the best option.

That’s because results can be seen within 15 minutes or less! That’s because these suction devices will draw blood towards the head of the penis and fill up the chambers within the penis so that they are literally overflowing!

This can create an intense sexual experience!

Pumps are easy to use as well. You simply slip the chamber over your penis and then create pressure. Just make sure the pump you use has:

  • some sort of pressure regulation,
  • an instant release valve for emergencies, and
  • a comfortable, but tight ring to keep the erection in place.

The results that are seen with penis pumps are often temporary, however, and over the course the next couple hours the penis will return to its normal size. You’ll be able to get an erection virtually any time you want one and you’ll be bigger in the moment and those are good things. Some guys says that when a pump is used consistently over time, a permanently larger erection can occur – even when the pump isn’t used.

Penis Traction Provides Long Term Results

For guys that want to be permanently larger and are willing to make a time investment into the process, then penis traction is the best way to go.


This method involves stretching the tissues of the penis every day for several hours so that cell division is encouraged. The human body creates new tissues over the course, so traction will work, but it can take months. Generally results can begin to be seen after 4 weeks or so.

The benefit of this investment is clear – there are no artificial devices that are causing you to be bigger once you’ve completed the traction regimen.

YOU are bigger and the average increase for guys is right around two inches when fully erect. The problem, however, is that you won’t begin to see results for some time. That means there won’t be an immediate visual impact that you might want when the moment is right.

So which method is the best to use?

It all depends on your needs. Short term results demand using vacuum suction devices. Long term results are more reliable when penis stretching is used. Choose the one method that works best for you and start using it today… or for best results, consider using BOTH methods so you can get instant results immediately and long term results that last over time.