What is Penis Traction? Is It Safe or Risky?

Penis traction is basically a method for growing your penis that involves stretching it.

If you’ve researched penis enlargement methods, you’ve probably heard a little bit about traction because it is one of the few ways to make your penis bigger. There are a lot of misconceptions about this method, though. You probably have a lot of questions, and might even be wondering if it works at all.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way:

There are many ways to stretch your penis, some more effective than others. For example, traction can be as simple as using your hands to stretch the tissue, or you can use special penis extenders, or you can even use weights. Of course, it has to be done safely to be effective.

Does It Work?

The problem with traction is that it is very all-or-nothing.

On the one hand, if you stretch your penis with too much force, or stretch it for too long, you could injure yourself and undo all of your progress. On the other hand, if you don’t stretch your penis for long enough, you won’t see any results.

Penis stretching has to be done for a certain amount of time every day with a certain amount of constant force. Without this, there will be no progress at all and all you will do is waste your time.

Is Penis Traction Safe and Healthy?

Yes, it can be, but ONLY if it is done correctly. The key to doing it right is to have a professionally-made traction device. Quality penis traction devices will help you measure the force and will keep it constant. Many traction devices also make it easier to wear them for longer.

The point of a traction device is to actually improve your penis size and help by stretching it and promoting new cell growth. The idea is that new cells will form in your Corpora Cavernosa, the spongy tissue in your penis that is responsible for erections. Adding cells to this structure may improve erections, since there is more tissue to hold blood (which can make your penis harder during sex).

What Are Penis Extender Alternatives?

Of course, you don’t have to use penis extenders to enlarge your penis and improve your sexual health.

Some people try to do traction without a device and just use their hands to stretch their penis. This isn’t a very good alternative, though. You probably already tug on your penis sometimes, and that’s obviously not enough. Unless you want to hold onto your dick for hours, getting a device is much more efficient and effective.

Another cheaper alternative are air pumps. The problem with these is that they’re not always safe. You’re better off using a traction device than an air pump, actually.

What Is The Best Way To Do Penis Traction?

One really good alternative is a penis pump. If you want to use a pump, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s a water penis pump instead of an air one.

Why water?

Well, it simply spreads the suction around a lot more evenly, which is better for your penis. It’s much easier to injure yourself with an air pump and you have to constantly be looking at the gauge to make sure the vacuum is not too much. You don’t want to end up with a sore dick!

Water pumps also have some advantages over traction devices. Since the suction is even, it pulls on your penis in all directions. This way, it helps your penis gain both length and girth. With a traction device, you tend to just get more length without a lot of girth.

The downside to the water pump, though, is that it will take longer to see visual results. It’s a slower method than traction, but on the other hand it helps you see improvements in erection right away. This is what most guys are looking for anyway, but of course it depends on your goals.


So, as you can see, traction is a healthy, viable method for enlarging your penis and even improving your erections, as long as you do it safely. However, remember to always choose a high quality traction device—such as an extender or a water penis pump from a reputable company—and use it as directed. You should never take chances with your health.