Should You Be Worried About a Penis Curvature?

Did you know that most guys actually have a penis curvature?

penis-curvatureIt is actually rare for a man to have a perfectly straight penis!

Having a slight curvature isn’t a bad thing at all because it can help to facilitate the sexual experience. Friction is created by the curvature, it becomes easier to hit the spots your partner wants you to hit, and your sexual life is good.

For some other guys, however, a penis curvature isn’t such a good thing. It can become painful when a penis becomes to curved.

Having too much of a curvature can even make it impossible to have intercourse!

Should you fix the curvature of your penis?

For Most Guys, the Answer Is No

Most guys don’t need to change the shape of their penis at all.

sex-pleasureThe best advice is to just leave it alone because you can experience great pleasure during sex when you use that curvature to your advantage!

Women, for example, who have only been with a man with a fairly straight penis will be shocked to see how the curvature you have is able to stimulate their G spot!

It provides new sensations and that means you’ll be able to have incredible orgasms!

Fixing a slight curvature might seem like an easy process, but it really is more difficult than one might expect. Over a 6 week period, an extender or stretcher is worn for several hours per day. Over time, this corrects the curvature to an extent, but may leave a slight curvature in place. Instead of investing time in your penis, you could be investing time in sex!

Even oral sex can be facilitated in a better way thanks to the curvature of a penis.

There are many advantages that can be found, but you must first be willing to seek them out with your partner!

When Is Straightening Out a Penis Appropriate?

If you are having pain because of the curvature of your penis, then you might be a candidate for straightening it out. The first step that you should take is to have a conversation with your doctor about it. Get a full examination and see what a medical professional has to say about your situation. There could be an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, that is actually causing your specific situation. From there, you will be able to find a number of high quality straightening options that can help you out!

Other options for straightening a penis outside of a stretcher or extender may include:

  • surgery,
  • stretching, or
  • other alternative therapies.

For most men, however, you shouldn’t stress out about a curved penis.

It’s what makes you be different from the rest of the guys that are out there! It’s an advantage that you can use every day, but only if you’re willing to explore how it can help you. You can give better pleasure and get it as well and that’s just the start of what a curvature can do for you!