Types of Penis Pumps: Air vs. Water

Penis pumps are one of the most effective cures for erectile dysfunction for one specific reason: they increase the blood flow that occurs through the penis. As the penile tissues become aroused, they require a faster blood flow to support their expansion. This is supported by the chambers within the penis that will also fill up and stretch out. Pumps naturally encourage this to happen, but not every penis pump is created equally.

Which ones should you choose? How can you know which ones are going to be safe to use? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Always Invest In a Safe Water Penis Pump!

There are two basic types of penis pumps that are on the market today.

air-penis-pumpAir pumps work by removing air from a sealed chamber to encourage blood flow into the penis. As a vacuum environment is created, the air removal naturally pulls blood into the penis and forms an erection.

These erections sometimes look different because of the amount of blood that is trapped.

water-penis-pumpPenomet water pumps operate in the same fashion, but work more fluidly because of the water foundation. These are often safer because the pressures can be regulated much more effectively so that bruising or injuries are less likely to occur.

Both styles of pumps will work in about 15 minutes or less and both styles have vibrating options that are available for additional stimulation if it is required.

The advantage?

A vacuum pump will get you a harder erection. Water assisted are just better than air pumps.

What Features Should a Penis Pump Have?

The most important feature that a penis pump should have is a pressure regulator. If there is too much pressure placed on the tissues of a guy’s penis, those tissues can literally implode and cause bruising, injuries, and even impotence in severe cases. If you ever experience pain while using a penis pump, then stop immediately! With a pressure regulator, you can always keep the pressure within the pump in a safe zone so that you can have a healthy, beneficial experience.

Some penis pumps are automatic, while others require a manual effort to create the vacuum effect. The automatic pumps are often the best to purchase because it eliminates the strength variable of a manual pumping action. You can simply let the pump do all of the work for you and then enter in with a harder, bigger penis when its job is done!

The final feature that you’ll want to look at is the retention ring. It should be large enough that it fits comfortably around the base of your penis, yet strong enough that it retains the blood in the penis instead of letting it come back through your body. Don’t overlook this basic component!

When everything is put together, you’ll be able to have a safe pumping experience. Use these tips to find the best penis pump to meet your needs and you can have a stronger erection or put your erectile dysfunction worries away for good!