Vacuum Therapy for ED Treatment

If you have erectile dysfunction, you probably know about some of the different pharmaceuticals out there that can treat the condition.

When your sexual performance suffers to the point where you have trouble maintaining an erection, it can be easy to try pills out of desperation—but of course, they are expensive and can have side-effects.

Did you know that there’s another option, though?

You can actually get your erections back without pills or other shady products, using a simple technique called vacuum therapy. You might even already be familiar with this if you’ve ever used a dick pump. It’s natural, safe, and effective, and most men with ED can benefit from it.

What is Vacuum Therapy for ED?

Vacuum therapy is basically any method of achieving and sustaining an erection with the use of a vacuum device. With all vacuum therapy devices, you put your penis inside of a small chamber and pump some of the air out—either with a hand pump or sometimes with a battery-powered pump.

This pumping action helps to draw blood into the two spongy rods inside your penis (corpora cavernosa), so that you can get erect.

Oftentimes, the pump is used in conjunction with a penis ring to keep the blood from flowing back to your body when you remove the pump. This allows you to keep your erection until intercourse is over.

What Are the Benefits of Vacuum Therapy for ED?

There are actually a number of benefits to vacuum therapy over other erectile dysfunction treatment techniques, some more obvious than others:

  • You don’t have to put anything inside your body, as the device is totally external. For vacuum therapy, all you need is a penis pump of some kind, and perhaps a penis ring and some lubricant.
  • There are no side-effects. As long as you follow the instructions and use common sense, pumps are generally safe.
  • The length of time that you can be erect is predicable. (About 30 minutes.) This is more than adequate for most people.

  • Using a penis pump regularly, you may actually be improving your sexual health over the long-term.
  • Exercising your penis with a vacuum device can possibly help it to grow longer and thicker.
  • It might also help improve erections and blood flow even when you’re not using it, especially if you still retain some ability to have an erection on your own.

Other benefits of using a vacuum device:

  • You don’t need a prescription to use a penis pump, and they can be easily bought online anonymously. You can also hide them fairly easily around your house.
  • Pumping is very inexpensive compared to the long-term costs of many other therapies, such as commercial erectile pills or surgical implants.
  • It works just the same regardless of the cause of your ED. You could be suffering from diabetes, prostate issues, age-related ED, or even ED caused by psychological problems, and a pump will still work. Pumps also work equally well with people of different ages.

Last, but not least:

  • There is some evidence that vacuum therapy helps oxygenate erectile tissue, which can help men recover from prostate surgery and preserve their ability to stay erect naturally.

As with anything, there are some disadvantages, too. For instance, it requires the use of a device, so it can be awkward if you don’t trust the person you’re having sex with.

Furthermore, if you’re not careful and pump your penis too hard or keep a penis ring on your erection for too long, you could injure your penis. This can of course be prevented by just following the directions.

Where Can I Find a Good Vacuum Therapy Device (Penis Pump)?

There are many different kinds of penis pumps available on the market, from the fanciest medical-grade options to simple sex shop penis pumps.

As you might expect, the medical grade versions usually offer better features. For example, they might include a gauge so that you know exactly how much vacuum pressure you’re using, and they might offer chambers of various sizes in case your penis grows (which can happen with vacuum therapy).

Top-of-the-line medical vacuum devices may also include an small electric pump so that you don’t have to pump it by hand.

At the very least, a decent penis pump must have a few basic features: an air-tight seal, an easy way to pump the air out, an emergency release, and comfortable padding where the pump meets your pubic area. You certainly don’t want to cut up the base of your penis with a badly-made pump!

Pumps also come in two major types: air and water pumps. Air pumps are far more common, and are probably easier to use for the purposes of ED treatment.

However, water penis pumps are superior when it comes to most other applications: they can help enlarge the penis, and can also help improve circulation. They stretch the penile skin more evenly than other tension techniques.

Most pumps that you will find for medical purposes will be air pumps, though.

Is Vacuum Therapy for Me?

Vacuum therapy can work for anyone who can physically place a pump on their penis—with the exclusion of people with certain medical conditions.

Pumps are not suitable for men who have certain blood diseases or are prone to painful erections that last too long. If you have poor circulation to the point that the blood will have trouble draining from your penis after intercourse, then a pump may not be for you. In addition, if you’ve had surgery or recently injured your penis, you will have to be cleared by your doctor first. (Though you should talk to your doctor before starting any kind of erectile therapy, anyway.)

Otherwise, vacuum therapy is a safe and easy method for regaining your ability to have erections. It works instantaneously, and the erection can be maintained for 30 minutes with no issues. Even better, it can help improve your sexual health over the long-term by promoting tissue oxygenation and good circulation.