What NOT To Do If You Want a Bigger, Stronger Erection

For many guys, having a bigger, stronger erection is a life goal – even if it is one that is kept in secret from everyone else. Who doesn’t want to have the biggest, strongest penis around so that there are high levels of sexual satisfaction?

It could be the key to giving you and your partner the best sexual experience you’ve ever had!

The only problem with these massively better erections is that many guys waste them. They do things that cause them to minimize the size of their erections instead – even when using male enhancement products. Are you making these common mistakes?

Mistake #1: Too Much Masturbation

Guys are stimulated visually and this can create high rates of arousal throughout the day. It is also one of the reasons why pornography can become so addictive.

mans-masturbationWhen you see a beautiful, naked body in front of you, then you’ve got an instant erection!

The only problem is that when you use porn to get off, it can cause you to not be as attracted to your partner.

Sometimes guys can’t even get an erection when their partner is naked because they masturbate so often to porn! Avoid this situation and you’ll be ready with your erection when the time is right.

Mistake #2: Too Much Stress

Stress is the most common reason why guys are unable to perform sexually. It can be from a variety of sources.


  • Stress to perform when it is time to have sex can cause a guy to become so anxious that an erection becomes impossible.
  • Stress at work can seep into a guy’s personal life so that instead of thinking about sex, they’re thinking about work.
  • Stress from debt can cause guy’s to worry about how they’ll make their rent or mortgage, eliminating the possibility of sex.

Control stress and you’ll control your ability to have a bigger, stronger erection consistently.

Mistake #3: Poor Health

If you eat poorly, then you’re setting yourself up to have poor penis health sometime in the future. When blood flow is weak to the caverns of the penis, then erections are correspondingly weak as well. Thankfully this can be easily rectified by performing some regular exercises to improve blood flow. Try some today when you have a private moment and you’ll soon see a difference!

Mistake #4: Lust, Not Love

Your brain controls your erection. In some ways you can control it, but in other ways it is out of your control. The best way to have a consistent erection is to love your partner to the utmost!

sex-loveThis desire will kick your sexual drive into gear every time and you will find a better sexual experience every single time.

Mistake #5: No Foreplay

Foreplay isn’t just about warming up your partner. The more foreplay that you have, the better your sexual experience is going to be.

If you want a bigger, stronger erection, then avoid these mistakes. If you can do so consistently, you will be on a journey toward having the best sex of your life!